Bartl Vented Numnah

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Bartl Vented Numnah

Bartl numnah with sheepskin lining allow to Dry immediately after use. Keep the pad free from horsehair, dirt and sweat residue by shaking out and lightly brushing after use. We recommend that numnahs and saddle pads are kept on top of the saddle, wool side up during storage. If the material has become stiff, knead to soften again. Brushing the wool before use with a grooming brush is recommended. Sheepskin saddle pads should be Hand Washed Only. Use cold water and a mild soap designed for sheepskin. Using a washing machine is NOT recommended as the ‘agitator’ is too abrasive. Excess water should be removed by gentle squeezing, or using the spin cycle ONLY of the washing machine. Do NOT wring out the sheepskin as this may damage the pad. Line dry out of direct sunlight; lightly stretch the pad during drying to avoid shrinkage. Do NOT use a dryer or direct heat, such as a radiator. nd air vented spine.

  • Sheepskin encourages muscle relaxation and blood circulation
  • Fully breathable helps wick away sweat
  • Helps prevent bruising and chafing
  • Soft comfortable and easy to care for

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